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Key Production Floor Features
  • Fully air conditioned production floor equipped with the most modern manufacturing facilities.
  • Specialized machinery in order to maintain high standards of quality and efficiency.
  • Experience and skilled workers from Sri lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh & India.
  • Complete production process under one roof.
At AMCO, every garment we manufacture is of the highest quality, simply because we care, and simply because it has your name on it. Your products are designed to reflect the pride you have in your company. Thus we place meticulous attention to every single detail of the garment and assert a great deal of care in every aspect of the manufacturing process. We value the opportunity to work with you and guarantee to provide; cutting-edge technology, on time delivery, superb customer service and outstanding quality.

AMCO has customers all over the world, a global variety of garments in a variety of fabrics and colors. You can also customize your own styles by utilizing our unmatched service and much more…
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The Perfect Garment Engineering

AMCO has never hesitated in adapting the latest manufacturing technologies. The engineering and sampling department is equipped with latest Gerber Garment Technology (GGT) Accumark, designing, grading and marking system.

Garments produced at AMCO are engineered to perfection. Being the backbone of the entire manufacturing facility the pattern making and sampling department at AMCO take great pride in creating unmatchable quality garments.

ISO Certification

At AMCO, garments are produced in our own manufacturing unit, AMCO Apparel Mfg. Co., which is a trend setter and one of the best manufacturing units in the region. AMCO is also recognized by major business organizations around the world. It has achieved various acknowledgments throughout its journey towards success. The most recent and most significant is the ISO 9001:2008 certification for, the Quality Management System. The realization of our dedication to professionalism and commitment has become evident as we are the first garment manufacturing company in the region to achieve this prestigious certification

Guaranteed Quality

Every single garment produced by AMCO is guaranteed for quality and we assure customer satisfaction. The exceptionally vigilant "Quality Assurance Team" at our manufacturing unit strictly follows our "No Compromise on Quality" policy. International quality standards are followed to assure that our customers get full value for their money.

Work Force

The company has strength of highly professionals and dedicated workforce manufacturing unit having experience from 5-25 years in their respective professions. The workforce is mainly comprising of skilled female workers from Sri lanka, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.
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